mstrap --help provides details on configuration options and commands.

mstrap steps will list the available steps. These can each be run individually, e.g. mstrap projects to just install/update configured projects.

mstrap - mstrap is a tool for bootstrapping development machines

   mstrap [command] [flags] [arguments]

   compose          Wrapper around `docker-compose` and all loaded profile's services.yml
   debug            Prints debug information
   dependencies     Basic machine bootstrapping with, hub, and brew bundle.
   help [command]   Help about any command.
   init             Initializes $HOME/.mstrap
   project CNAME    Provisions a single mstrap project
   projects         Bootstraps configured projects
   runtimes         Sets default language runtime versions and installs global runtime packages
   services         (Re)creates mstrap-managed docker-compose services
   shell            Injects mstrap's into the running shell's config
   steps            Prints available steps
   update-profiles  Update profiles
   version          Prints version number.

   -c, --config               Path to configuration file. Can also be an HTTPS URL.
                              default: '$HOME/.mstrap/config.hcl'
   -d, --debug                Run with debug messaging.
       --email                Email address (Default: config or prompt). Can also be specified by MSTRAP_USER_EMAIL.
   -f, --force                Force overwrite of existing config with reckless abandon.
       --github               GitHub username. (Default: config or prompt). Can also be specified by MSTRAP_USER_GITHUB.
   -h, --help                 Help for this command.
       --name                 Your name. (Default: config or prompt). Can also be specified by MSTRAP_USER_NAME.
       --skip-project-update  Skip auto-update of projects.