class MStrap::Configuration

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cmd(env : Hash | Nil, command : String, args : Array(String) | Nil, shell = true, input = Process::Redirect::Inherit, output = Process::Redirect::Inherit, error = Process::Redirect::Inherit, quiet = false, sudo = false) cmd

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log(msg) log, logc(msg) logc, logd(msg) logd, logn(msg) logn, logw(msg) logw, success(msg) success

Constructor Detail

def : Defs::ConfigDef, config_path : String = Paths::CONFIG_HCL) #

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Instance Method Detail

def config_path : String #

Returns path to configuration file

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def known_profile_configs : Array(MStrap::Defs::ProfileConfigDef) #

Returns known profile configurations

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def load_profiles!(force = false) #

Loads all profiles and resolves them into the resolved_profile

Raises ConfigurationNotFoundError if a profile cannot be found.

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def loaded_profile_configs : Array(MStrap::Defs::ProfileConfigDef) #

Returns loaded profile configurations

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def loaded_profiles : Array(MStrap::Defs::ProfileDef) #

Returns loaded profiles

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def loaded_profiles? #

Returns whether profiles have been loaded

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def profile_configs #

Returns profile configurations for active profiles

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def profiles #

Returns active profiles

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def reload!(force = false) #

Resets and reloads configuration and any managed profiles.

Raises ConfigurationNotFoundError if the mstrap configuration cannot be found or accessed, or any managed profiles cannot be found or accessed.

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def resolved_profile : MStrap::Defs::ProfileDef #

Returns resolved profile. This is the result of merging loaded managed profiles with the default profiles.

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def save! #

Saves configuration back to disk

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def user : MStrap::User #

Returns the mstrap user

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