abstract class MStrap::Step

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Instance methods inherited from module MStrap::DSL::System

cmd(env : Hash | Nil, command : String, args : Array(String) | Nil, shell = true, input = Process::Redirect::Inherit, output = Process::Redirect::Inherit, error = Process::Redirect::Inherit, quiet = false, sudo = false) cmd

Instance methods inherited from module MStrap::DSL::Logging

log(msg) log, logc(msg) logc, logd(msg) logd, logn(msg) logn, logw(msg) logw, success(msg) success

Constructor Detail

def self.new(config : Configuration, cli_options : CLIOptions, args : Array(String) = [] of String) #

Initializes the step. Called by MStrap::Bootsrapper. Typically not called directly.

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Class Method Detail

def self.description #

Short description of the step. Leveraged by the CLI help system.

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def self.long_description #

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def self.requires_mstrap? #

Whether the step requires the mstrap environment to be loaded (env.sh)

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def self.requires_shell_restart? #

Whether the step requires the shell to be restarted after being run

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def self.setup_cmd!(cmd : Commander::Command) #

Hook that can be implemented to modify CLI command flags or subcommands.

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Instance Method Detail

def args : Array(String) #

Extra arguments passed to the step not processed by the main CLI

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abstract def bootstrap #

Executes the step

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def config : MStrap::Configuration #

Loaded configuration for mstrap

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def options : MStrap::CLIOptions #

Options passed from the CLI

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def profile : MStrap::Defs::ProfileDef #

Resolved profile for mstrap

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def user : MStrap::User #

User configured for mstrap

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