class MStrap::Steps::ShellStep


Runnable as mstrap shell, the Shell step is responsible for creating the script and injecting it into the current shell's configuration.

NOTE Only bash and zsh are supported for automatic injection. Other shells, such as fish or tcsh, will need to be configured manually.

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Class Method Summary

Instance Method Summary

Instance methods inherited from class MStrap::Step

args : Array(String) args, bootstrap bootstrap, config : MStrap::Configuration config, options : MStrap::CLIOptions options, profile : MStrap::Defs::ProfileDef profile, user : MStrap::User user

Constructor methods inherited from class MStrap::Step

new(config : Configuration, cli_options : CLIOptions, args : Array(String) = [] of String) new

Class methods inherited from class MStrap::Step

description description, long_description long_description, requires_mstrap? requires_mstrap?, requires_shell_restart? requires_shell_restart?, setup_cmd!(cmd : Commander::Command) setup_cmd!

Instance methods inherited from module MStrap::DSL::System

cmd(env : Hash | Nil, command : String, args : Array(String) | Nil, shell = true, input = Process::Redirect::Inherit, output = Process::Redirect::Inherit, error = Process::Redirect::Inherit, quiet = false, sudo = false) cmd

Instance methods inherited from module MStrap::DSL::Logging

log(msg) log, logc(msg) logc, logd(msg) logd, logn(msg) logn, logw(msg) logw, success(msg) success

Class Method Detail

def self.bootstrap(options) #

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def self.description #

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def self.requires_mstrap? #

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def self.requires_shell_restart? #

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Instance Method Detail

def bootstrap #
Description copied from class MStrap::Step

Executes the step

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